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Precision electronics cleanroom design and construction Electronics Cleanroom design and construction
Precision machinery cleanroom design and construction FDA Food Cleanroom design and construction
Beverage industry cleanroom design and construction GMP Pharmaceutical Cleanroom design and construction
Operating Cleanroom design and construction Sterile laboratory Cleanroom design and construction

We are excellence in Cleanroom Design, Manufacturing and Installation.We are able to design and construct class 100 to class 100,000 clean room project for Electronic,Micro-electronic,Smic-conductor,LCD,Pharmaceutical,Biotech,Chemical, Optoelectronic and Food factories according to the FS209E standard,GB50073-2001 and GMP requirement.
All cleanroom design work is carried out by our experienced in house design engineers and CAD operators, great detail is paid to each of our clients needs and requirements. All designs are detailed using the latest AutoCAD Draughting software with which we generate either basic schemes or detailed construction drawings
We can carry out full detailed tenders for your proposed projects and if you are at the budgeting stage we can help with layouts, assist in the production of suitable specifications and offer guidance for the preparation of your budgets.

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