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Name: Sàn nâng hợp chất chống tĩnh điện EP235

ESD raised compound floor

ESD raised all-steel floor in instructed in high electrostatic sensitive cleanroom such as large servers and mainframe cabinet room; large, medium and small computer room, communication center room switch, electricalaspects of the control room, post and telecommunications hub and computer-controlled military, economic, national security, aviation, aerospace and traffic control scheduling and information management center.
1, The floor was instructed by the all-steel, high mechanical strength, high load capacity and good impact resistance.
2, its surface was coated by electrostatic spray, soft, wear-resistant, waterproof, fireproof, dustproof and anti-corrosion.
3, it's made by a a layer of high pressure laminates, excellent wear resistance and anti-static properties, anti-pollution and easy to clean.
4, High dimensional accuracy, interchangeability, flexible assembly, easy maintenance, long service life.
5, The floor can be cut, easy installation accessories.
6, Four sides are fixed, easy installation.
7, The space under the floor can be used as air conditioning and ventilation, but also with the ventilation plate to adjust the amount of the underlying ventilation.
8,It can add a floor bracket if there is Overweight equipment.
9, it's easy to instruction and maintain.we can replace the decorative veneer if the floor is broken.
10, Install the socket according to the size of the base outlet.
11, size: 30/35mm (T) × 600mm × 600mm Packing: 16 / box (3.24m)
Product No. Size( mm Fire Class Concentrated Load Shock Load/N Limit Load/N Uniform Load N/M2 Rolling Load /N
Aidacom National Standard LB N KG 10 Times 10000 Times
LQ-2001 FS662 HDF600-30QD 600×600×30 B1 ≥ 662 ≥ 2950 ≥ 301 ≥ 445 ≥ 8850 ≥ 12500 2946 2356
LQ-2002 FS800 HDF600-40QD 600×600×40 B1 ≥ 800 ≥ 3550 ≥ 363 ≥ 670 ≥ 11250 ≥ 16100 3560 2670
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