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 DSEGO Cleanroom Online Monitor System is mainly used for monitoring  the environment parameters of the cleanroom, and achieving the data storage, management and so on. This system could realize the real-time monitoring of the parameters for the cleanliness, temperature and humidity, differential pressure, wind speed in the clean room by using the Ethernet communication technology which is made up of server, router, workstation and various monitoring  sensors.
Main functions of Real-time multi-point clean environment monitoring system
1.Remote control  
Through the computer to set the remote real-time monitoring and alarm, data storage, reporting, editing, printing, etc.
2.Particle monitor   
By 3016 p particle counter (0.5, 5.0 micron, 2.83 L/minute, built-in vacuum pump) to monitor the particles in the air.                                                                     
3.Sound and light alarm   
Alarm system with sampling flow alarm, communication failure alarm, numerical excessive alarm, fault alarm and other hardware alarm functions.To ensure the system safe and steady operation for a long time ,through the ways such as sound, light alarm to remind .
4.Flow monitoring   
Monitoring of each particle monitor equipment operation flow ,and providing the status of flow whether it is in normal .Provide warning information feedback ,such as set point flow + / - 10% .
5.Continuous monitoring   
The particle counter is  working in a sterile environment can  undertake continuous monitoring for 24 hours, and built-in flow monitoring .
6.Sampling device 
Provide sample flow rate can be up to 28.3 L/minute .Sampling without interference in aseptic filling area
7.Air monitoring   
Monitoring layout point of wind speed data in real time

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